Contigo Kids Water Bottle Review

As a mom of two, I’ve gone through various typical kids water bottles in the past few years.

And.. none of them impressed me.

The first one is easy to use, but very hard to clean. You know, the kind that you need to take out a lot  of pieces to be completely cleaned out.

The second one is slightly worst. It’s way less durable. In less than 3 months, it got so many scratches and the paint chipped everywhere.

Until finally I found Contigo Autospout  Kids Water Bottle.

It’s a little bit expensive compared to previous water bottles that we’ve bought before, but it’s totally worth it.

contigo kids water bottle review

Curious how this water bottle performs?

Let’s dive in this Contigo Kids water bottle review.

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Product Overviewcontigo kids water bottle review

  • Material: BPA-free, made of triton won’t stain with odors.
  • Capacity: 14 oz
  • Ease of use: one-touch button to open the lid (can be operated single handedly)
  • Leak-proof: Yes (with spill-free valve)
  • Age: 3 years old and above


Highlights of Contigo Autospout Kids Water Bottle

  1. Leak-proofcontigo kids water bottle

This water bottle is leak-proof, yay! The lid features a straw and spill-proof valve so that you don’t need to worry if your child would accidentally forget to snap up the spout.

2. Easy to use

The spout is very easy to open, even my two-year-old can do this. You just need to press the button one handedly, unlike other water bottles that require fiddling both hands only to reveal the straw.

3. A lid of the spout

In its closed position, the spout will be covered in a little plastic cover, unlike other designs that let it opens, risking contaminations with dirts, etc. I especially love this feature. The design is pretty neat.

3. Fewer pieces for easy cleaning

Contigo water bottle only contains very few pieces (the lid actually does not contain any loose parts so you don’t need to worry of losing important pieces). The straw is removable and is slightly bigger than the usual water bottle straw. You can even clean this in your dishwasher.

3. Very durable

Typically, in a straw water bottle, the mouth piece will deteriorate very easily, either become yellowish or tears quite often. But, that’s not the case with Contigo Kids Autospout bottle. We have had our Contigo Kids bottle for close to a year and the mouth piece is still very sturdy!

4. Wide selection of colors and designs

I love that Contigo has lots of colors and prints for this water bottle. There’s a plain color (we have one in orange), or if your kids prefer the more cheerful designs, there are plenty to choose from.

5. BPA-free

This water bottle is BPA-free. One less worry of exposing our body with unwanted chemical substances.

Here’s the video about Contigo Autospout Kids Water Bottle.

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The Cons:

  1. The straw is easily detached from the lid. I’m not sure the reason is, but it annoys my son sometimes, because then he needs to open the water bottle to get it fixed. Now at 5 years old, he can fix this himself, but when he was younger, that means he will need help from someone else (us, the parents, or his teacher at school).
  2. The parts are not completely detached from the lid. contigo kids water bottleActually, this is a good thing if you are worried about missing loose parts, but that also means it’s a little bit trickier to clean in between parts. Make sure you clean your Contigo Autospout water bottle regularly to avoid mold build-up between the spout and the lid.
  3. Replacement parts are not easily available. At least here in Singapore, we can’t buy replacement parts easily, and that means we need to buy a new bottle. If only the parts can be easily purchased in retail store, that would be best, since it would lengthen the water bottle life span (Note: if you reside in North America, you can buy Contigo replacement parts in Amazon).
  4. Not for 2 years old and below. Due to the spill-free valve, your child should have a strong suck to be able to sip the water out of the bottle. My 2-year old was not able to drink from this bottle, but once she turned 22 months old, she has developed the neeeded strong suck and thus able to use this water bottle.

Final Thought

Contigo Kids Autospout model is one of the best water bottle for kids age 3 years old and above. It’s leak free and easy to use single handedly. If you are looking for a suitable water bottle for your preschooler, I highly recommend Contigo Kids Autospout Water Bottle.

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I hope this article helps you to understand the pros and cons of Contigo Kids Autospout water bottles. Up to now, we already have 2 Contigo water bottles in your house and our kids love it. I have not seen any better water bottle in terms of quality compared to Contigo Kids.


  1. Brian says

    Hi Rina,

    We have these in our home and the non spill part is essential! Our kids like to go to bed with their water bottle and with the old ones they had they would wake up in the night, open up the spout and forget to snap them shut. The next morning they bed would be soaking!

    One point though, I find that the parts get dirty quite quickly, although this is a problem with all water bottles. We need to take it apart every couple of days and give it a good scrub!

    Do you know any bottles that do not need to be cleaned so frequently?

    • rina p says

      Hi Brian,

      Yes, our kids also take their water bottle to bed at night. So, it’s really convenient to have this anti-spill feature.

      As for the cleaning, well, so far, we do need to clean the water bottle regularly. At least, it is easier to clean that my kids’ old water bottles (which kind of disgusting), so Contigo is defnitely better.

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